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Certified Organic

Up until chemical fertilizers and pesticides were introduced, all teas were organic. However, increased plant yield made possible by the use of man-made fertilizers and easier garden maintenance through the use of chemical pesticides quickly made the continued use of organic practices a thing of the past for tea garden owners. Since then, many older tea estates have over-used these modern tools which has depleted the soil and weakened the tea plantations.

Our tea gardens at Doi Tung Mountain have had a different fate.

Doi Tung Royal Initiative  

In the 1980's, as the Princess Mother, mother of His Majesty The King of Thailand neared her 90th year, Her Royal Highness expressed a wish to assist His Majesty The King in his reforestation efforts and the improvement of watershed areas. The government presented a piece of land in the mountains of Chiang Rai province, and the people donated their time and effort to reforest 9,900 rai or 1,584 hectares of denuded hills. Doi Tung Mountain in Chiang Rai Province became home to The Doi Tung Royal Villa, the first residence of Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindara, The Princess Mother. The "Villa on Doi Tung" served as a base from which HRH The Princess Mother untiringly pursued environmental and development work on the Doi Tung Development Project, along with many other initiatives to improve the well-being of the local populace.

  Doi Tung

Doi Tung


HRH The Princess Mother recognised that in order to address both the social and environmental problems of Doi Tung Mountain , an effective reforestation and development programme was needed. It was also important that reforestation efforts replicate conditions as they exist naturally.

HRH The Princess Mother believed that it was possible for people and forests to co-exist in harmony with the people preserving the forests around them, and the forests supporting the livelihood of the people. Under the guidance of HRH the Princess Mother, the peoples who have settled in the northern hills have embraced a new-found respect for their surroundings. They co-habit with nature which includes sustainable development practices such as using only organic fertilizers and natural pesticides to farm agricultural soils on Doi Tung Mountain . Hence, no chemical or hazardous substances are used in the Doi Tung Development Project or surroundings.


Beyond the fact that our tea planters have never used chemical fertilizers or pesticides at the tea gardens located on Doi Tung Mountain and that soil contamination from neighbors is not a concern considering our location, our High Mountain Oolong teas are also certified organic by Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand (ACT) which is a registered accredited member of IFOAM. ACT was accredited in 2001 and was the first certification body based in Asia to become IFOAM Accredited. ACT was established in 1995 arising out of the Alternative Agriculture Network, a Thailand national network of 85 NGOs working on sustainable agriculture.